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Our Work

This is our Projects Page. You can find some of the demos or project we have developed, all using our AI platform.


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Through our AI platform, we excel at identifying surface defects in products such as:
  - Tomatoes (larger project with Mutti SPA for Quality Control on tomatoes during the coring phase)

  - Confetti
  - Peanuts
  - Pet food


Our capabilities extend to anomaly detection

in complex dairy products, confectionery items, cans, and food trays.

We excel in identifying discrepancies in glass jars, seamlessly integrating with X-ray cameras.

For ice cream producers, we facilitate the detection

of excessive chocolate flakes concentration within the product.


In the poultry sector, our solution has been instrumental in:
  - Monitoring chicken growth
  - Inspecting transport bins for any fecal residues.


Our versatile AI system provides comprehensive solutions across the agri-food industry, enhancing quality control and ensuring product integrity and food safety.


Wood applications

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We have integrated our software into wood edgebanding machines,

allowing manufacturers to offer a new and competitive product on the market.

Our largest customer in this sector is SCM Group.

Our system excels in classifying different types of wood, both in static environments and on production lines.

In situations where a specific inspection station is missing, we are able to create one from scratch. The substantial size of the panels does not pose a challenge, as we use different cameras depending on the size of the panel area.


Plastic applications

We specialize in performing high-quality analyzes on plastic materials, including rapid and thorough inspection of plastic bottles in large-scale production, even at high speeds.

Our expertise extends to the inspection of 3D printed plastic accessories for the aerospace sector, ensuring the highest quality standards. We handle rigid and clear plastics with precision, addressing concerns related to material reflectance and opacity.

With years of experience, we excel in the analysis and classification of conveyor belts.
We have developed a globally distributed app for this purpose, for a Swiss Habasit customer.
Our capabilities extend to defect analysis in polyurethane products. We have also carried out prototype tests on the resistance of welding plastic materials.

The application of our software is also ideal in the rubber and tire industry. Furthermore, we specialize in identifying anomalies in packaging through advanced vision systems, contributing overall to the quality and safety of diversified products.


Glass/Ceramic applications

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Our capabilities extend to integration with high-temperature cameras, enabling qualitative analysis inside glass production furnaces, which reach 2000 degrees.

Overall, we are able to tackle even the most complex challenges, thanks to the dense network of global hardware suppliers that we have formed.

We are also able to detect non-conformities on glass sheets, remaining robust to difficulties due to the shine and transparency of the material.

Our expertise also extends to the quality analysis of ceramic materials and bricks, contributing to improved quality control and greater reliability in the production of these materials.

For two years we have been working with SACMI for the qualitative analysis of metallographs.

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Fashion applications


We excel at achieving extreme accuracy in detecting abnormalities on a wide range of fabrics, regardless of color, size or pattern. Our capabilities extend to various materials, including plastic fabrics, carbon fiber and resin fabrics.

We have tested our solution with important clients from the luxury world such as Ratti.


Within the luxury sector we can also guarantee the quality analysis of metal accessories, leather and buttons. By leveraging our technology, we offer a dramatic increase in inspection speed, up to 20 times faster than manual methods. This not only translates into a significant reduction in operating costs, up to 70%, thanks to fewer returns and higher quality of the final product, but also guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction.

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