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About Us

Get to know more about our background, how our company started and what our vision is.

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Steve Jobs

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Our Story

Neurality was born way before even been a registerd company.

Marco and Michele were just two former volleyball players who became good friends when the sparkle of curiosity lit up their minds.

Together, they started a journey made of hard study and even harder work to deepen their knowledge of neural networks and how this amazing technology could be turned into a platform that could revolutionize visual inspections as we know it.

Even though neural networks can be deployed to work on many different kind of data, not many players were focusing on images inspection, even though this kind of data withholds the highest hidden potential

to be leveraged.

So, after years of work, research and sleepless nights, Nov. 15th 2018 Neurality was founded.

But that was a mere formality, since it took one more year to finally present the developed platform to the open market.

The culmination of the efforts resulted in an advanced AI platform, leveraging Deep Neural Networks, adept at automating various Visual Inspection tasks. Rather than training on defects, it focuses on conformities. The company's mission is to automate Visual Inspections, ensuring objective, reliable, and accurate analyses.

​After acquiring our first clients, our path is only at its beginning, and our story has yet to be written.

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Marco Pari


He pursued computer science education following a childhood fascination with the subject. After completing a high school programming degree, he earned both a bachelor's and a master's degree in computer engineering, specializing in AI techniques and Deep Learning. His professional experience includes serving as a Deep Learning Consultant at Huawei Technologies in Sophia Antipolis, France.

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Michele Moretti


He earned a Master's Degree in Architecture, focusing his thesis on Energetic Monitoring of buildings, where he and his colleagues devised a climate control and actuation protocol using Arduino controllers and numerous environmental sensors. This experience ignited his passion for computer science, prompting him to delve into Neural Networks and Deep Learning Techniques in 2013, conducting experiments via the Kaggle platform.

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Daniele Campese

Data Analyst

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Alessia Pasotto

Account Manager

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Manuel Ardizio

ML Engineer

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Sara Leita

Sales Ops Assistant

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Business Admin

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Our Clients

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Our Partners

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What people say about us

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Emanuele Frontoni

Full Professor of Computer Science at UNIMC; Co-director of VRAI Lab UNIVPM 

I have followed Neurality since the beginning by providing networking and involving them in our projects. They managed all out meetings professionally with consistency and reliability. They have followed through on every project they have faced and we're confident they can bring a lot of value to future and novel platforms.

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Fabio Pegorin

Business Development Manager
at EIT RawMaterials 

Neurality was a successful applicant under the Startup and SME - EIT RawMaterials Booster program ( The team successfully achieved the milestones defined within the proposed work plan and made a major step forward towards the commercial success of Neurality. A committed and motivated team with an innovative and industrial mindset able to deliver results and present them with clarity.

Supported by EITRM_EU H2020_White_v2.png
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Lucia Casadei

Chief Operation Officer & HR Director at C&C Group SRL 

Neurality has shown great abilities with the neural network: they implemented a great way to recognize obstacles, to generate autonomous movement in the identified packaging area. Working with the Neurality team is easy and comfortable: they are always open to listen to the compay needs and ready to pivot when new circumstances arose. I would recommend them for any project where vision is involved.

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Francesca Farnararo

Knowledge Transfer Manager at UniBo, Board of Director Member at Almacube

Neurality srl is an affiliated startup of the University of Bologna. It provides innovative services developed thanks to the knowledge acquired during the studies and entrepreneurial paths attended within the University of Bologna.

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Federica Mori

Innovation Manager at Confindustria Emilia-Romagna Ricerca DIH-ER

We have followed Neurality since the beginning by providing advisory on strategic business development, networking and financial opportunities at European, national and regional level. They have grown organically and tackled hard projects and challenges with consistency and reliability. They have followed through on every project they have faced and we’re confident they can bring a lot of value to the ZDMP platform.

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Claudio Gambetti

COO, Operations &
Supply Chain division at ONIT Group

We've involved Neurality in a Computer Vision based project, in which Neurality showed amazing capabilities in leveraging Neural Networks to identify unexpected objects with a simple USB camera with a computing unit.

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Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Intrested to know more? Let's get in touch and start your automation journey TODAY.

Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Intrested to know more? Let's get in touch and start your automation journey TODAY.

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