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Empower your vision

One stop solution to automate all your Visual Inspection Tasks

Unprecedented precision and reliability

Take your company to new heights


Your A.I. service on images

Our A.I. Platform is fast, scalable, reliable and extremely accurate.

We can detect non-conformities in matter of milliseconds, alerting your manager or integrated system so that you can apply any corrective measure.


A camera and an internet connection are all you need to implement our platform. For special needs, we can also install an 'On Edge' version of our solution.

Data Science Accelerated

We can deliver the first results in a matter of weeks, not months.

Just few images of compliant product are sufficient to get started.

Flexibility by

Medical, manufacturing, agrifood and so on, there is no visual inspection task carried out by an expert technician that we cannot automate.

If he/she can see it, so can we.


We do not have a reference acquisition hardware.

Your line already captures images for other purposes?

You are good to go!

Ancora 1

Incredible Speed.
Impeccable Reliability.
Extraordinary Flexibility.

With Neurality, frustrations from data collection are a thing of the past.

We train our platform only on conformities, defined as acquisitions relative to samples which would pass YOUR quality standards.

This way you can collect the required images in few minutes, with no further annotation required.

By detecting everything that differes from your quality standard, we are future-proof, we will discriminate any possibile damage that will ever occour.

We are hardware agnostic.

This means that our solution can work with the acquisition hardware you already have, if compatible.

Otherwise, we develop together the acquisition system that better suits your needs, provining you the whole package to start automating.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Average Cost Saving


Process Speed Increase


Precision and Reliability Increase


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Our Clients

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

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