The very first step of every project. Our technique is data-oriented, meaning that given a large enough example pool, it can learn and archive the given task.


Once the training reached excellent results, it is time to test the solution out of the labs, in the real work environment.


Finalized all the tests, our platform is ready to be fully embedded inside your workflow to boost your business.


Our platform can be successfully applied
to all the following fields.

Our Story

Different paths, same passion.

Marco Pari (Co-Founder)
He based his education on computer science after developing a deep interest on the subject through his childhood. After a high school degree as a programmer, he got a bachelor and a master degree in computer engineering and this led him to embrace AI techniques and Deep Learning. Among his various professional challenges, he has also worked as Deep Learning Consultant at Huawei Technologies in Sophia Antipolis, France.

Michele Moretti (Co-Founder)
He graduates with a Master's Degree in Architecture with a Thesis on Energetic Monitoring of buildings, in which he and his colleagues develop a climate control and actuation protocol starting from a few Arduino controllers and a lot of environment sensors. Through this experience he discovers a deep passion for computer science and in 2013 he starts studying Neural Networks and Deep Learning Techniques experimenting with the Kaggle platform. This leads him to the decision to make this powerful techniques available to the public through Neurality with Marco.

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