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AI for Universal Inspections

Your experience, our automation

Spot Anomalies




Rectangle 4498 (1).png

The map utilizes various color gradients to highlight the standard of quality.

Blue portions signifies high conformity and Red ones indicate severe anomalies.

These images are parts of videos of our AI tested on our partners' products.

The left section of the image displays the object under test.

The right section exhibits the anomaly detection map.

For Any Object or Material

Our A.I. Platform swiftly detects non-conformities in milliseconds, alerting your manager or integrated system so that you can apply any corrective measures across industries and materials.

The Solution. How it works.


Fast  Iterations.

We can deliver initial results in weeks instead of months.

Just a few images of suitable products are enough to get started.

input images.png

SAAS A.I. Platform

A camera and an internet connection are all you need to implement our platform. For special needs, we can also install an 'On Edge' version of our solution.

model trainig.png

Flexibility by Design

Medical, manufacturing, agrifood and so on, there is no visual inspection task carried out by an expert technician that we cannot automate. If he/she can see it, so can we.

Hardware Agnostic

We do not have a reference acquisition hardware.Your line already captures images for other purposes? You are good to go!

70% avg.

Savings in Process Costs

88.6% avg.

Precision & Reliability Increase

20x avg.

Process Speed Increase

We take pride in our Numbers

We integrate with your ecosystem

We are hardware agnostic. This means that our solution can work with the acquisition hardware you already have, if compatible. Otherwise, we develop together the acquisition system that better suits your needs, providing you the whole package to start automating.

Our Clients

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Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Intrested to know more? Let's get in touch and start your automation journey TODAY.

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