Nowadays the use of vision systems is implemented within most of the production processes with the aim to improve quality control. However, these simple techniques still can’t hope to achieve the accuracy and flexibility of those based on artificial intelligence, which, being dynamic, can learn from the gold standards and at the same time from the collective experience of the best professionals in the industry, allowing much higher versatility and resilience than competing technologies.

1) Automatic quality control in production line;
eg: Checking defects in real time without specifying the type, but having only the gold standard as reference
2) Waste estimation on defective products;
eg: On a production line of continuous material (for example, adhesive tapes or cardboard for packaging) we can estimate the minimum quantity of product to be discarded in order to save material
3) Preventive maintenance;
eg: Through the analysis of machinery sensors, our techniques are able to detect anomalies and signal potential malfunctions before they cause damage and block the line.