Market Analysis


When it comes to analyzing large amounts of data, the so-called big data, nothing can compete with deep learning-based techniques, which our solutions implement. For these data can be extremely heterogeneous, often canonical tools fail to find significant correlations. Our products can meet these needs, helping you both in the retrieval of data for analysis and in the analysis of the data itself.

1) Increased performance of ecommerce web sites;
eg: Analysis of purchased and displayed items of individual customers for the creation of ad-hoc offers to maximize the probability of additional purchases
2) Tracking of customers in physical stores;
eg: Through a camera system, this type of analysis can be created to track the path taken by customers and discriminate against it also by identifying, at the time of entrance, categories of interest (couples, senior citizens, singles, etc.)
3) Emotion recognition;
eg: From a single image we are able to identify the emotional condition of tahe subject and modify the suggested advertising accordingly.